Help me design how to link to an external display with my OH3

Inspired through my desire for a vestaboard and not having that cash lying about, I came across a Javascript and CSS implementation.

I now have a web page which, given the right url param, will displays this on a split-flap inspired board but I want to now link to my OH3 and take this to the next level. For example, so my OH3 can control the display with temperature, twitter, calendar, etc.

My current thinking is that I have a String Item which has its state updated through a series of Rules and to monitor the REST API using JavaScript from the display’s page but there may be a better way so here I am looking for thoughts and pointers to existing design patterns.

Any ideas would be grealy appreciated.

Interesting product. I was going to comment on how many moving parts it has, but the design allows for replacement bits so if you have the cash to splash it’s one way to do a display.

I like digital mirrors just not the power they need to run a lcd screen at the rear.

Then there are the eInk displays.