Help me with dashboard configuration!

Hello friends I downloaded a dashboard demo project from this link:
I followed the instruction and I’ve successfully got the weather data from wunderground. But it seems that my dashboard got problem because whenever I change an item in my openhab webpage, the dashboard UI didn’t change anything, here are all of my configuration(only TODO parts):

var openhabURL = “”; // TODO: change this to your Pi’s IP address
// Log URL
var logURL = “”; // TODO: change this to your Pi’s IP address

**NOTE: I assigned an id for the every switch/sensor so that i can change its interface(color/size/font) in style.css file.
In my items file, I do have an switch called “itm_dog_gps_alm_enb”, but however when i toggled it, nothing happened on my dashboard index.html, I wonder why?
This my index.html looks like so far, I want everytime I change an item’s state on openhab webpage, the item in index.html will change responsively!

Can anybody help me? I’ll very appreciated!

I do recommend the following: Install OpenHab 2 and use HABPanel… it’s the best panel out there :slight_smile: (and with a great community)

Check it out:

Ps: The URL seems to be the default one in your config… ( did you put in the correct URL?

No, i filled in, the default URL was or something…
I’ve done a lot of thing with my current OH1.8, I hope I wouldn’t have to jump to OH2, please help !


It seems that you have a working OH1 installation with items and sitemap configured and everything works correctly.
Now your “challenge” is to make this new dashboard to work. It uses REST, so let’s check things out :slight_smile:

Have you checked that the REST OH1 URL in your config works correctly? (by trying to access it from a web browser)

Do you have security enabled in your OH1, requiring HTTP authentication?

Ps: If I am not wrong, HabPanel works in OH1 also

When I enter the url: “” on my web browser it directs me to the openhab sitemap just as I expected,
However, whenever I copy the URL: “” or even “” (from the TODO in index.html) and paste them to my web browser, it said: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.” and “The requested URL /data.php was not found on this server.” respectively.

I don’t use REST API with OH1, so I can’t help too much
I will try to install this panel in one of my test systems to try to help :slight_smile:

oh thanks, in the meanwhile, i will try HABpanel, thanks for your support!

This means that the file data.php was not found in your Apache directory.
Did you copy it from the control panel zip file in your web server? Check file permissions also

Regarding the REST API: something seems wrong with the syntax but I am not sure what. this error (“This xml file…”) is usually associated with badly formatted requests.

Try accessing from your browser… it should work if OH1 is working properly.

Or even better, use the IP Address in the URL (e.g. http://<ip_of_OH>/rest/items)

Unfortunately, it seems HABpanel is used with OH2 only…
Anyway, since you mention about Apache, I follow this instruction, but somehow the trouble still there, I will try to resolve it, thanks you alot
Now I’m using a new SD card to install OH2, hope HABpanel can compatible with it well!
Thanks !

Try things out with OpenHab 2
It’s not so hard to get it configured and your existing configurations can be re-used in most of the cases.

For migration help, see:

Also, the Panel that you are using requires Apache which is a bit heavy on Raspberry and similar devices and too much logging is not good for the health of your SD card :slight_smile:

Good Luck with OH2 and HABpanel ! We are here to help if you get stuck somewhere


But what platfom of OH2 are you using? Is it snapshot or beta? offline or online? As I read it seems beta version is quite unstable, could you give me some advice?

I use Snapshot online but it’s only because I constantly play with my OpenHab 2 installation.

OH2 Beta 4 is very stable. I used it for almost 2 months without any problems. I recommend that you start with OH2B4-online for now.


FWIW, Habpanel actually does work pretty well with OH1. The only downside is the config is stored locally rather than on the OH server.

See here for details:

Oh thanks andy, I will read!

But andy_swing, when I create a new widget, I can’t see anything in item binding list, do I have to do anything else? i did copy and unzip it in my /configuration/static and renamed the folder’s name to habpanel

I didn’t have to do anything special, other than what was listed on that page. I did ‘git clone’ rather than download the zip, but I doubt that matters.

indeed, i used git clone and it works

Back to the original dashboard I posted:

When I toggle a switch on my openhab webpage, the switch on dashboard changed correspondingly, but I can’t toggle the switch on dashboard. I mean, I want whenever I toggle a switch on dashboard, the switch on openhab webpage must change right away…
Is there a way? Please show me how?


Anyone can answer me please?