Help me

I state that I am at the very first arms and among other things I am a bit 'demoralizing because I can not find guides or videos step by step in Italian to learn to use openhab and with English I struggle … sorry but we are not all professors …
Ho installed OH on rasperry pi3 I installed the onkio binding for my amp and the network binding for educational purposes following the example of the guide and up to here everything works fine and it was quite simple, now I would like to install the openwebnet / bticino binding to integrate my 11 roller shutters at home with the relative domotic system and the web server f454 (I chose this binding because Bticino binding is limited to 2 lights 2 automations etc)
I followed the guide on github and I installed Eclipse IoT Marketplace but not I find the binding in the list why?
Once I explain how to install it I need you to explain well how to use visual studio code that I installed (but I can not use) to configure the roller shutters … I already have the IP address of the web server and configuration of the various roller shutter commands.
I hope not to ask much I entrust to some pious soul who has passion to share his experience with a newbie like me thank you

Hi pompaz,

I’m sure someone can and will help with your questions. Your post should be moved to another topic, it may receive more attention, this is for tutorials and examples.

Maybe Apps & Services, VS Code, would be more appropriate. I have moved your topic to this location.

Here’s a topic, with several links, you may find interesting and hopefully helpful.