Help needed - Newbie EZVIZ IPcamera adding manually using IPCamera Binding

Hi All,

Sorry for this post but its driving me mad, thought I could figure this out. I have read all the information I can find about the IPCamera HTTP Only Binding but I cannot figure out for the live of me what to use in the “snapshot_url_override”.

I can get the RTSP stream working fine via VLC etc and have tried using the HTML/Static location on OpenHAB2.

Maybe a permission issue, im not sure now as I have gone round in circles.

Can anyone help me out?

Dont set it up manually then. Use paperUI to auto search and find your camera since it is ONVIF correct? After adding it via the INBOX, be sure to edit the camera and add your user/pass. Any problems then be sure to post some TRACE level log output.


So sorry forgot to state its not ONVIF its HTTPOnly.

Have to add manually I believe?

Yes manually in that case. If your camera does not have a snapshot url, then enter in ‘ffmpeg’ without the quotes and it will create the snapshots from the RTSP stream which should be entered into the FFMPEG_INPUT field.

If you leave out ffmpeg in the snapshot field it will still work, but will give you a message in the logs to notify that is occurring.

Any issues you really need to look at the TRACE logs when the binding starts up to see what is going on. If ffmpeg is complaining with errors they wont get seen unless you do that so it is very very important to learn how to change the log level. It is explained in the readme.

Thank you Matt thats really appreciated.

Just to be clear;

RTSP stream in the FFMPEG_INPUT
ffmpeg in my snapshot url overide


You Legend! Worked :slight_smile:

Now its ‘Online’ I can look to see how to add and use. Thats a great help and really quick response.

Thanks Matt1

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