Help needed with configuring HTTPS and SSL certs on openHABian

I had a fully working OH1 system accessible via HTTPS using SSL certs.
I tried following the same instructions on OH2 on openHABian, found here:

I was able to workaround some of the differences in openhab2 up to step 10.
But at step 10 I cannot work out what needs to be put where for HTTPS to work.
The jetty.xml file is completely different.
I found 3 references to passwords in the file, but having tried putting the obfuscated passwords from step 9 in to these fields in various permutations, I still have an error in the openhab log that java failed due to password verification ( Password verification failed) and no SSL connection

Does anyone have up-to-date instructions on setting up SSL / HTTPS on openHAB 2?

I would start here


I can see from this that the approach is different from OH1 and I should set up NGINX using the openhabian-config tool.

I will try it now.