Help needed with github jar creation

Hi! I want to use this binding: for Oilfox.

Tried creating a jar file, but without success.

Can anyone help and provide a .jar file from that project?



Cheers :slight_smile:

I build it for you

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@BrutalBirdie Perfect, thanks a lot! That saved my day!

Sorry, but the jar does not work. Won’t show up in my bindings.

Did you put the jar in the correct folder?

Of course. I have installed several jars manually… It shows up with the karaf command bundles:list. So it is installed correctly, but nothing furhter happens. No thing, no binding in PaperUI.

Did you check the openhab-cli if the service/binding is listed there?

Sure, as I stated above it is available there.

There have been some changes to the project. Unfortunately, the creator does not respond to my issue:
@BrutalBirdie Could you please create a new jar-file, or write me again how I can do this myself?

I will look into it.


@fabdoka Here you go, I uploaded the jar to my private minio

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Many thanks for the jar file :slight_smile:

Please leave feedback if it’s in working state or not. :slight_smile:

I put your jar-file in the openhab2-addons folder with my other jar-files and restarted openhab. But unfortunately I can’t see the binding neither via the openhab-cli nor via the paper-ui.

@BrutalBirdie Do you have any idea where the fault could be?

ownership of the file is openhab:openhab?

@iway Yes, the ownership of the file is openhab:openhab