Help on AVM Fritz Binding

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Could you try the demo package from, which includes the AVM Fritz binding? Just use the Paper UI and trigger a discovery for Fritzboxes. Please provide the debug logs.

Hallo Kai and others,

even with this package Fritzbox(es) are not getting listed

Please find the complete logs here: as they are to big to publish in the forum.

Thanks and regards,

Sorry, but this is clearly not a log file of the demo distribution that I referred to above.

Sorry, there was an issue with the file synchronization.

Now I cleaned all up again and put the demo set in

Logs in same location

This is weird, your avmfitz binding does not show up at all.
Can you do a “ss fritz” on the osgi console and see whether the bundle is available and correctly started?

there’s not too much coming…

osgi> ss fritz

“Framework is launched.”

id State Bundle


also checked with lb and went through the list. but there’s nothing.

In my original structure I at least saw it.


And you can 100% confirm that the binding is in the addons folder (where it is unpacked with the demo package)?

I’m actually working from remote. However I’m checking again.

Strange: everything was copied just the avmfritz package was missing. Now it seems to work with this set. My Fritzboxes have been found. Now need to find out why it didn’t work with my previous set.
But the issue itself is solved.