Help setting up a Zwave Siren

I am trying to set up a siren. I set up a switch to turn it on and off but I can’t change the parameters. Here is the manual that came with it: and here is one that matches the model number on the device: Both of the manuals seem to line up with the xml database

Here are the items I have set up:

Switch Alarm_Siren "Siren" <siren> {zwave="14:command=switch_binary,respond_to_basic=true" }
Number Mode_Siren "Siren Mode" <siren> { zwave="14:command=configuration, parameter=0" }
Number Time_Siren "Siren Auto Stop" <siren> { zwave="14:command=configuration, parameter=1" }

The switch works but not the configuration parameters when I try to set them to 0, 1 or 2

In HABmin it comes up as “Linear [ID:503,Type:2005]” and the configuration parameters are not available.

Any help would be appreciated.

It gets detected correctly and works just fine in openHAB2. But I have more devices that don’t work in OH2.

I have the same device Linear [ID:503,Type:2005], works fine in OH1, but I too am unable to change the parameters. Configuration Parameters in Habmin are blank here too. Is this possibly a bug in the binding? Not sure how this is resolvable.