Help setting up Kwikset 914 Zwave with OH2

Hello all, new user to Openhab here. I decided to jump in the deep end: Setting up a Kwikset 914 zwave lock in OH2b3.

After much trial and error, I was successfully able to pair the lock to OH2 (Running on a Pi3 with an Aeon Gen 5 stick), but it appears that nothing works. The lock does not update OH2 when the lock state changes, and I cannot lock/unlock or change settings from within OH2 (Paper UI or HABmin).

I’m having trouble finding current instructions on how to get this working. Anybody successfully get this lock working in OH2?

PS- I Have a sanitized openhab.log available, what is the preferred way to upload it?

Currently secure classes are not working with OH2.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try my hand at some non-secure items next then.