Help to add a Technisat Z-Wave Ausschalter

Hello Everybody,

this is my first post in this great Community,

A couple of years ago I started working in my spare time with OpenHAB, but I still consider myself a complete novice. Since some time ago I’ve read different posts in the community. Now it’s time to contribute something and at the same time ask for help.

I bought a Technisat switch that is not in the Z-Wave Database. Of course ím already register at the @Chris webseite. But as a Newbie i have any rights to add devices. i have already worte a Ticket with the Manofacturer, device ID and upload the xml file

There is another form to add a device or to add a Device to the List?

Here is the device Link

sorry for my English, ím not a native Speaker.

Thanks a lot


The database is community maintained. Perhaps @sihui can assist better He is also a German.

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Hello @Bruce_Osborne and Thanks

Hallo @sihui. kannst du mir helfen? mein Benutzername bei database ist auch scastillejos

Im Voraus vielen Dank.


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No, sorry, I am just a database helper and don’t have access to other processes.
And please stick to English language as this is an international forum :grinning:

Edit: either you need to wait for Chris to approve your request for edit rights or you could post the xml, pdf manual and product image in this forum and someone of us will add your device to the database.

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I think you should already have edit rights? Are you also logged in on the site?

If it’s still not working, please let me know, but it looks like it is set ok.


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:smiley: Thank you and i´ll stick to English.


Hi @chris

it is working. thanks a lot :grinning: