Help to install HABmin - a graphical user interface for openHAB 2


I installed openhabian on my raspberry pi and would like to install HABmin - a graphical user interface for openHAB 2 but how do I do it must be said I’m totally new to this world

Open http://<ip_of_your_server>:8080/start/index in a browser,
go to PaperUI -> Add-Ons -> User Interfaces -> HABmin install

Start by reading

and you might want to setup the demo for better understanding:

I would like to install HABmin aswell. Unfortunatly i hav no option for “user interfaces” when I open paperUI -> Add-Ons.

I found a solution for Installing Habmin. Once you selected Simple on the first installation screen habmin UI is not installed. Therefore edit the file


uncomment the following line and add the UIs you like to install

# A comma-separated list of UIs to install (e.g. "basic,paper")
ui = basic,paper,habmin

just restart openhab afterwards.


tanks i got it running

In my installation (openhab2 from package repository installation from here) I only have the columns BINDINGS, VOICE, MISC. Why am I missing the other columns (PERSISTANCE, ACTIONS, TRANSFORMATIONS,VOICE)?

Avner: I have the same problem due I chose the “simple” package in the Initial Setup window as below:

I was looking for the solution whole yesterday evening and I think the best will be NoFhem solution.
The file to edit:


For example If you are using Raspbery PI as a hardware platform (as me)….
….you have to find the Pi in your Network Devices in “My Coputer” (Win7) and then find the right directory. (the password:login - openhabian:openhabian will be needed to access).

In the file “addons.cfg” you will have to uncomment the line by deleting “#” sign and then add names of UI as you need after “=” sign. For file edit please use Windows notepad or any not invasive text editor (the MS Office Word or Windows WordPad falls away)


does this work with openhabian 2.2-01 too? In the new surface there is only log viewer, help, paper ui and hapanel available.
Many thx in advance