Help translating openHAB 3!

Hi all,

As you know we’re approaching openHAB 3’s release and the time window to have it as polished as possible narrows. As I stated recently we want openHAB to be appealing to your household members as well as you, so that they can have a pleasing experience while operating the app through their phones and tablets.

We also know that the majority of openHAB’s users are not native English speakers, and while you, the admin, will have little problem with English (most configuration parameters are only available in English anyways), I believe that good experience for your non-admin users includes having the UI in their mother tongue.

Therefore, I have added some internationalization infrastructure to the new main UI in the last few days and made the messages on those screens that are visible to non-admins only - that is, without signing in - translatable.

And there’s where I’m hoping that you, the community, will step up, in these last few remaining days, and translate these few screens in as many languages as possible! :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:

To do that, head over to:

Create an account if necessary, click your language and start translating!

Below are the rules of the game, please read them carefully!

  • After you’ve clicked the flag representing your language, you will get a tree of files, please only consider those under org.openhab.ui not the one under org.openhab.ui.basic - this one doesn’t work and won’t be considered for now;

  • The Crowdin (the translation platform) interface to edit translations can sometimes be overwhelming or confusing, make sure to read to understand how it works;

  • Ideally you should already be running OH3 and be familiar with its UI. Try to figure out with the “context” (like setupwizard.welcome.title) where in the app the message will appear and take into account the fact that it must fit nicely, and in many cases avoid wrapping to another line or being cut off. A translation often only works if it looks good! Avoid translating text if you have no clue where it’ll end up. Note the little counters near the Save button:
    the first one is the length of the source string, the second one is your translation. If it gets yellow, that’s probably a bad sign;
    Edit: I have now added many screenshots and highlighed for most strings where they are so you know what you’re dealing with, thanks to a wonderful Crowdin feature I must say. Be sure you check them out before you translate!

  • Be consistent in your naming of concepts, use the same word every time;

  • While you can certainly contribute in Hebrew and Arabic, be aware that the UI currently has no right-to-left support (sorry guys);

  • The translation effort will run until this Sunday, December 13th (last minute, I know). We’ll skip the formal proofreading phase due to time constraints and thus here’s what’s going to happen:

    • On Sunday, I will approve all completely translated languages (blue bars completely filled in the file list) - except rule-status and thing-status and all but the first 4 messages in empty-states - those are admin areas that are not in scope, and they will remain in English only for now. You can surely translate them if you wish, though, but it’s not a condition to have the rest accepted;

    • You can discuss amongst yourselves on the right panel on a translation to require more info, and eventually reach a consensus if there are disagreements;

    • If there are disagreements, use the voting feature (the + and - buttons) - I will take and approve the translation with the most votes:
      (You’ll find the +/- instead of the :heavy_check_mark: button on that screenshot)
      To vote you also have a side-by-side mode which is optimized for reviewing.

    • As an exception I have pre-approved German and French that have already been made before the move to Crowdin, to test the process - however you can still propose changes and vote! The new most-voted-for translation will be approved

Thank you very much in advance for your participation - let’s do this! :smiley:


Thanks to the amazing contributors below, the following translations have been completed and the green (approved) ones will be featured in OH3 RC1:

:denmark: :netherlands: :finland: :fr: :de: :hungary: :it: :luxembourg: :norway: :poland: :brazil: :ru: :es: :sweden: :ukraine:

15 languages in 5 days… not bad!

(note: for Russian since it was well on the way I decided to add the suggested automatic translations for the “common” file and include it too. Русские друзья, пожалуйста! :ru: If you could check those and maybe finish the remaining 30%, it’s still possible to have it complete for the final release!) Edit: the Russian translation was completed in time for the RC1 release!

Not featured here are the translations for the pages related to the 4 pages of the authorization subsystem (sign in, create the first account, change password, create API tokens). Those are to be translated in the openhab-core project:
Look at the file under, this is the only one you want. It’s not necessary to translate the other ones.

If you need to make adjustments to the current translations as you see them in the software, even those already approved, this is still possible next week, we’ll do a final update before the release!
New languages can also be added in the meantime, it’s not too late!

Last but not least, please join me in thanking the following people for their quick reaction and their amazing work these last 5 days:


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