Help troubleshooting SmartThings binding setup?

I have followed the installation instructions for the Smartthings binding, creating the device handler and virtual device as instructed. All appears to be set up correctly after checking and double checking, but I am unable to find any devices when I do a scan for devices in the PaperUI. I also keep getting this message in my logs every so often:

“Attempt to send command to the Smartthings hub failed with: Total timeout 5000 ms elapsed”.

I would love to be able to control my deadbolts from OpenHAB using the SmartThings hub, but can not figure out where to start with debugging the binding setup. All appears green in the PaperUI, I just can’t control anything. I’ve tried setting up a thing manually for my lock and mapped a switch item to send “locked” and “unlocked” when toggled, though I am not sure how to verify that the command is getting to the SmartThings hub. No lock control has been achieved yet.

Has anyone else run into this error or successfully configured the binding in PaperUI? A lot of the threads I have come across show people seemingly using files to configure their Smartthings stuff still.

Thanks much,