Help understanding OH3 semantic models, Items, Equipment & Points

Just done a successful upgrade from OH2.5 to OH3… got I bit confused but that was just me… it all seems to be there and thankfully works :slight_smile:. Fantastic job to everyone involved… It looks so much better…

Once upgraded, all my Items have been loaded from my old default.items file. Which means all the Items listed have little padlock icons and tell me “Note: this item is not editable because it has been created with textual configuration.” Is there a way to move these over so I can remove the textual file and edit them? Or is that a matter of re-adding them from scratch? As I add Equipment to the Semantic Model I do get new “Group - Equipment” items appear in the list, along with “Switch - Point” or “Dimmer - Point” items for the subsequent Channels selected for that Equipment.

Any recommendations on next steps, or pointers to any posts/doc I may have missed?

Yes. Go to Items, then click the blue + in the bottom right. Choose “Import from Textual Configuration”, or something with similar words.

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Ah… I saw that option but did not put 2 and 2 together…

So can I simply cut and paste a whole .items file into that “Add items from Textual Definitions” page to import all the items?

Do I then simply move/remove the default.items file from etc/openhab to just use the items now added to the internal database? Or should I remove/move that file out of the way first to avoid clashes with names etc, then manually add it’s contents via the “Add items from Textual Definitions” page?

I assume I would then need to re-add these internal database items to my semantic model?

Using the same names, I assume all my old textual rules will still work?


Yes, this one.

In theory, yes. Let us know how it goes!

Yes, unless you add the semantic information into your files first.

Yes, in theory. Again, let us know if there is an issue!

Fab, thanks… I’ll report back :slight_smile: