Help updating linked dimmer?

Im using oh3 (via stable version of Openhabian) and have a stereo that connects via may and has 2 volume channels that display as dimmers.

I’m trying to make one dimmer that updates 2 dimmers (that are channs) at once

Volume 1 (channel)
Volume 2 (channel)

Master volume (equipment with volume 1 and vokume2 linked)

The idea is that I change the master volume, and volume 1 and volume 2 change according my. However, when I change master volume, the command is sent through the channels properly? it but the ui/widget doesn’t update

Playing with auto update doesn’t seem to make a difference

Any ideas?

There is no direct way to link a widget with two different items.

There are several different indirect ways to accomplish this. The two most likely answers are:

  1. You can put the two volume items into a group and control the group via a widget. Then whenever the widget is changed, the group will receive the new command and will broadcast that command to all its member items.
  2. Create a proxy item for the master volume control and link that proxy item to a widget. Then create a rule that sends commands to the two volume items whenever the master volume item changes.

Method 1 has the advantage of being very simple, but will only ever set both volumes to the same value because the same command is being sent out. Method 2 is a little more complex but gives you significantly more control over how the main volume value relates to the two other values (e.g., the other values can be different from each other but increase by the amount that the main volume increased).

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