Help - WeMo Switch Setup not working

Hi there, I’m sure the problem is simple but I can’t see it (and it’s late…)

I’m using 1.8.1. The devices seem to register with the binding as follows:

2016-04-13 00:46:26.468 [INFO ] [.o.b.wemo.internal.WemoBinding] - Wemo Device with UDN ‘Sensor-1_0-221306L110012C’ discovered
2016-04-13 00:46:26.499 [INFO ] [.o.b.wemo.internal.WemoBinding] - Wemo Device with UDN ‘Socket-1_0-221307K1100669’ discovered

So I go ahead with the items (note I also put in Socket-1_ it doesn’t work either)
Switch wemo1 “Wemo Switch” {wemo=“Socket-1-0-221307K1100669”}

Then update my sitemap to test it:
Switch item=wemo1

Then I get this in the logs…

2016-04-13 00:56:05.938 [ERROR] [o.u.i.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Cannot retrieve item wemo1 for widget org.openhab.model.sitemap.Switch

any ideas?


first of all - the binding is currently supporting only standard plug as well as the insight plug. So not sure about the Sensor discovery so far.

From how i see the idem definition it looks ok. As well as the addition to the sitemap.

But the above message for me shows more that there might be a typo in the sitemap or the item definition - means those two might not match. Could you pls recheck this one?

If this is the case - could you probably run OH in debug mode and check for more messages in regards to the wemo binding as such. and add them to this post?


Indeed, this is not binding related, there must be an error within your sitemap definition.
Wrong CharacterSet ?
Please also note, that you need to define yout item with the correct UDN, so Socket-1_ would be correct.
Wemo Sensor is the newer Version for the Motion sensors, which also work.

thanks. so that was strange - I put the switch into another part of the file and it worked :confused:

as for the sensor, however, it doesn’t reject it (no errors), the hardware physically works, but my Contact item can’t detect anything happening (and the events aren’t firing). Guess I’ll wait for OH2 or another 1.8 version to see if this gets fixed.

Great it works for you.
The device state is polled every 60 seconds, that’s why the support for motion sensors is very limited. I am not going to downport the use of GENA events to openHAB 1.x.