Help with AddOn "Rollershutter Position Emulation Profile Service" needed

Dear all,

I’m trying to use the new AddOn “Rollershutter Position Emulation Profile Service” which was released with OH 4.0 (currently I’m on 4.01) as my KNX actors do not support positioning. I’m struggeling with maintaining the parameters “uptime, downtime”. Can somebody give me a hint where and how I can define these parameters via the UI?

Thank you in advance

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With the help in another OH community (thanks to @Udo_Hartmann ) the solution is, that the addon requires a textual item definition. At the moment it is not possible to do the configuration via the UI.

I think, you can use the " Command Transformation" field of the “add Channel” of the Roller Shutter Thing. It is at the end of the page.

Is this specific to KNX things?
Facing the same issue but with the RFXCOM binding

From my point of view it’s related to the AddOn and not KNX specific.
If you want to the “Rollershutter Position Emulation Profile Service” you have to maintain the corresponding items via textual definition at the moment. Maybe this will be changed in a later version…

Same Problem here with RFXCOM and RFY Somfy rollershutters
As you can see when I select ROLLERSHUTTERPOSITION in the UI I cannot configure it (nothing is appearing at the bottom)

Again, you need to configure the items via textual definition. It does not work in the “UI only way”

indeed, it worked by adding a text definition of the item !