Help with aggregate series

I have an item which holds the total amount of elektricity taken from the grid. This item is updated every 5 minutes based on a rule which calculates the value from another item which holds the cumulative value.
So every night this value is set back to 0 and starts over again.

Graph of one week:

Now I want to see some bar graphs which displays me the last value of each day, but when I set this up nothing is displayed.

    - component: oh-aggregate-series // not working
        aggregationFunction: last
        gridIndex: 0
        item: mqtt_dsmr_electricityDelivered_today
        name: Elek daily (aggregate)
        service: rrd4j
        type: bar
        xAxisIndex: 0
        yAxisIndex: 0
    - component: oh-time-series // working
        gridIndex: 0
        item: mqtt_dsmr_electricityDelivered_today
        name: Elek daily (time series)
        service: rrd4j
        type: line
        xAxisIndex: 0
        yAxisIndex: 1

What am I doing wrong, or what am I missing?

I don’t think this approach would be satisfactory with rrd4j - remember it is doing some compression/aggregation, so examining an area that includes a “step” from nnn to 000 is likely to give you some intermediate value.

Store the daily total in another Item before destroying it.
Plot that Item.

I have these values also in influx…

So I have only 1 value per day you mean? The timestamp will be probably 23:59

Yes. You can of course persist that value as often as you like - it’ll be the same value all the next day, which is convenient for charting.

Via this post I managed to create this graph. I simply use an item with cumulative values and this works! :slight_smile: