Help with BMW Binding

openHAB 3.3.0 Milestone 2
on NanoPI neo 2 plus
Armbian 22.02.1 with Linux 5.15.25-sunxi64

Official BMWConnectedDrive Binding
BMW ConnectedDrive Account > UNKNOWN

so i tested from market place
MyBMW binding add-on

MyBMW Account > ONLINE

I Can read:

but is an old information (at least GPS)
checking ConventionalVehicle_LastStatusTimestamp
say Tuesday, 14.12. 08:44
that should be when i gave the car to BMW for maintenance…

so i try to update it.
from a rule i sent ConventionalVehicle_RemoteCommand.sendCommand(“vehicle-finder”)
is it the correct command?

in the log i see:
2022-03-10 17:35:23.208 [INFO ] [nternal.handler.RemoteServiceHandler] - Execute vehicle-finder with parameters []
2022-03-10 17:35:35.476 [INFO ] [nternal.handler.RemoteServiceHandler] - Remote execution result {“eventStatus”:“PENDING”}
2022-03-10 17:35:47.061 [INFO ] [nternal.handler.RemoteServiceHandler] - Remote execution result {“eventStatus”:“PENDING”}
2022-03-10 17:35:58.342 [INFO ] [nternal.handler.RemoteServiceHandler] - Remote execution result {“eventStatus”:“EXECUTED”}

then if i check
ConventionalVehicle_RemoteCommand “vehicle-finder”
ConventionalVehicle_ServiceExecutionState “vehicle-finder executed”

but position is not updated.

if i check the app My BMW for android
in “Cronologia Remota” (i dont’t know how is in english but is the list of all remote commands) i see the find vehicle finder commands sents from openhab… but it doesnt update the position on the Android app map. If send a find vehiche find from the app it update the position of the car on the Android app map but on openhab position is still the one from december.

What I wrong?

thanks in advance.