Help with developing the MiHome binding to add Xiaomi Aqara Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

Hi everyone,

I yesterday got the Xiaomi Aqara WiFi Fingerprint Smart Door Lock ( and I was hoping to make it work with the MiHome binding. I believe this is a Zigbee version (not Wifi as stated in the title)…

So I have setup Eclipse and managed to run a development environment. My Xiaomi Gateway is getting detected by the binding and I can see messages in the console. However, the Smart Lock is not listed among the discovered items. I started looking at the console and added a view more debug messages in the code hoping to find some more info. But I couldn’t see anything in the console related to that device (only with other existing devices/sensors).

Any help on where to start with coding/debugging the binding to check for new devices (that are not currently supported) would be much appreciated.

Or maybe this is not possible for this device and I am just wasting my time?