Help with escaping special chars in commandDescription or stateDescription

Hi there, I’m trying to switch my front speaker configuration of my Denon AVR through the Denon/Marantz binding. The binding offers a string channel that allows me to send directly commands to the AVR.
e.g.: if I send “PSFRONT SPA” it activates front speaker config A. “PSFRONT SPB” ist for config B and “PSFRONT SPA+B” ist for activating both.

Sending the commands from a rule works fine. Now I want to do this in the OH3 UI by using commandDescription meta data:

Front A and also Front B are working fine, but not the Front A+B entry. I guess there is a problem with the special character “+”. Then I tried escaping with a backslash

But this also doesn’t work.

Any hints how to escape special characters for commandDescription in UI?

URL encoding style which would be %2B ?

No, just tested, unfortunately also does not work.

Arggh, I found the error! It was not the escaping of special characters, but I simply copied the wrong command from my rule into the commandDescription. To switch to Speaker-Config A+B the command “PSFRONT A+B” and not “PSFRONT SPA+B” must be sent:

Sorry for the confusion! Openhab works fine and it was all my fault. :man_facepalming:


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