Help with features of 2843-222 - Wireless Open/Close Sensor (0x000049) - Insteon

I’m just getting openHAB to work for me. Don’t even have a rule yet but am getting some functionality out of the items and sitemap.

I am trying to get an Insteon 2843-222 wireless open/close sensor (0x000049) to work with my openHAB system. I’m getting the open/close information, but was wondering what additional data is available. Seems to me that at a minimum battery information should be. I tried the same data selection criteria as is used with the motion sensor but the log indicated that ‘data’ was not available and that the valid options were ‘contact’ and ‘lastheardfrom’. The latter of which seems to be part of the generic “add your own device types” file entries, though it certainly may be valid. I can’t seem to figure out how to display it though OR it is always uninitialized and so the system does not know how to handle it. Almost certainly it seems there must be a low battery message and even if it is not like the motion sensor, one that simply is included in the standard messages that says “Battery OK” or “Battery Low” or some such.

As an aside it seems like we need to have an expanded device matrix somewhere (maybe there is one that I don’t know about) other than the Device_types.xml of which I seem to be unable to find a copy. Regardless though I think a matrix with the additional features of each device type and the usable formats associated with them would serve to lesson the learning curve of getting all of this working for those of us who are novice openHAB users / configurers.

Any help would be appreciated. Also thank you all for all you have done with this project - I remember first looking into it and being amazed at what would be possible. I’m still amazed and so happy that this project is in existence, alive and teaming with activity. I hope to be a small part of that activity.

Traveling right now. Sensor has NO battery status message. Search for developer notes. Does have 24h heartbeat.

Last heard from should work.

Thank you sir! I had searched for it on github but apparently my github skills are even worse than my openHAB ones! I’ll keep the OH server up for a while and see if lastheardfrom populates (and when it doesn’t I’ll try and figure out what else I’m doing wrong. – I appreciate the help.