Help with item colours Dynamic Sitemaps

Hi everyone hoping for a hint or two

I have been working on my sitemap adding items that change colours depending on the state of the item most of these have worked ok


  1. I have been trying too get my temp item too change colour but couldent get it too work i have tried a few variations


Sitemap Item

Group item=Ghousetemp label="House Temp" valuecolor=[>=25°C="red",<=20°C="green",<=15°C="blue"]

Log Update

2018-07-29 20:38:56.854 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - Ghousetemp changed from 21.04 to 21.05 through Toilet_Temp


Group:Number:AVG                Ghousetemp               "Temperature Group [%d °C]"            <temperature>

  1. Also My Sensor Batterys MIN item is a group item
 Group item=Gbattery label="Sensor Batterys MIN [%s %%]" valuecolor=[>75="green",<50="orange",<5="red"]

when i open the group the items contained dont have the colour coding is there a way too change this ?

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Change the order, from the smallest to the largest:

Group item=Gbattery label="Sensor Batterys MIN [%s %%]" valuecolor=[<5="red",<50="orange",>75="green"]

Hi Vincent thanks for the reply

I have just swapped it around was my mistake just read the docs and realized the order matters

any ideas on how too solve my temperature item or add colours too the group item ?

Group item=Ghousetemp label="House Temp" valuecolor=[<=15="blue",<=20="green",>=25="red"]

But there is no color between 20 and 25

is there a way too add color

i was after between 15 and 25 green as this is a good temp above 25 red hot below 15 blue cold ?

Group item=Ghousetemp label="House Temp" valuecolor=[<=15="blue",<25="green",>=25="red"]

That solved my temperature item thanks for that :slight_smile: is it possible too add it too the items inside a group?

You’ll have to define the items in the sitemap one by one, I am afraid

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I thought that might be the case that’s not a problem tho tbh

Thanks for your help on that