Help with items not apearing (SOLVED)

so im following this tutorial

and after following it i got to the myopenhab section, i did everything as it says but my items arent listed in my openhab, they apear on the open hab app on android

I think there was a limits or restriction on adding items due to server overload. Can you control your items via the android app?

yes i can

Where are you not seeing them appear?

on the myopenhab website

If you have a sitemap with all your items from OH and the android app that shows the items and you can control them what is the need to see them on myopenhab site?

Following that unofficial tutorial link they are using IFTTT to Google Assistant. I think you can use Google Assistant directly with a different configuration.

People abused exposing Items to myopenhab, crashing the server, so that functionality was disabled. The solution, if that is needed, is to set up your own cloud server using the code from GitHub.

Yes, you should be able to add tagging for google to discover and control the device. @Marcos_Villar mentioned they can control via the app so they only need to add tagging to the items e.g. [“Lighting”]

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People need to read the official documentation from our developers who know how the system actually works (RTFM), The official documentation says exposing the Items is not needed for Google Assistant. Only IFTTT. The tutorial you foloowed is one way the cloud server was abused.

(Items DO NOT need to be exposed to and will not show up on, this is only needed for the IFTTT service!)

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@Bruce_Osborne @H102 how can i configure correctly google assistant for using my gpio pins, i tried adding the device but it didnt add to google home

Sometimes it takes a while (up to 24 hours) for the device to get discovered.

See their other thread. In spite of being pointed to the official docs TWICE they have failed to read them and tag their Items for Google Assistant.

@Marcos_Villar Did you add the tags? Please post your item configuration so we can see if there is an error.

Kinda simple to add the tagging but not so sure about the itmes channel.??

Switch night_light "Enchufe 1" <poweroutlet_us> ["Lighting"] { gpio="pin:27 activelow:yes"} 

@Marcos_Villar Can you contol these items via BasicUI?

Look at the other thread. They incorrectly added tags and used the wrong quotes, I think.

So, is exposing items to still disabled? My IFTTT connection stopped working a while back, just trying to figure out why. I exposed an item (just one), changed it’s state, and it still doesn’t show up.

Yes. The workaround is to host your own version in the cloud. The code is on Github.

I see. That’s a lot of work just to turn my Arlo cams off and on, LoL. Are there any alternatives to that can integrate with IFTTT?

There are some other home systems. I know of another free one but they charge a monthly fee to use their cloud. OpenHAB cannot do that and nobody here has set up a fee service.