Help with Juno Connect wafer lights WF6C

Hi All,

I have been an openhab user for a while now, with OH3 installed on ubuntu. I use GoControl USB stick for zigbee/zwave device connectivity and things have been good so far.

Recently I installed the Juno Connect wafer lights Amazon Link and they are discovered and added as a thing.

I see two channels in the thing config as seen in picture below:

The first channel is controlling the color temp perfectly from cold to warm. But I have not been able to get the (dimmer like?) second channel to control brightness and on/off for these lights. Could someone please point me in the right direction here to get the on/off and brightness control.

Edit: Also please let me know what other info from my config is needed to help debug this

You need a separate item for each of these things, so your Color channel will be connected to:

  • a number item for color value
  • a dimmer item for brightness (0-100%)
  • a switch item for on/off

Thanks for the pointer, I created new items as you said and it works now :smiley:

As seen in this picture, the two items control on/off and light level. The color temperature channel controls the color temp from 3000k to 5000k via a dimmer item. These lights dont have RGB in them, so these are all the controls I need.

Another related question, I have 6 of these lights, is there a way to create a zigbee group to improve control latency? I currently have them grouped via items, and while it works, the lights turn on/off at different times.

Sorry, I don’t use Zigbee, so I can’t help you with that.