Help with led strips (CLOSED)

Hi everyone I would like to add some led strip lights too my stairs where too start?

Hue and others are expensive I don’t realy mind if the strips are only white I don’t know enough too find decent cheaper models on ebay my main request is that these are good quality open hab could turn them on and off with or without smart sockets addressability would be a nice feature too

Xiaomi led RGBW strips can be bought for under 30 dollars at gearbest often, only 2 meter though.

They are currently working on the second generation of their stripes which can be added up in order to get longer than 2 meters.

know how to solder?

and an ESP8266 + espeasy

I use an esp8266 to control under cabinet lighting with colors adjusted for the season.

Works directly with Hue Bridge. There will be a white channel and a color channel that can be controlled independently.

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the last time i soldered anything i was in school 10 years ago :frowning:

The Product you linked seems pretty good what else do you need too buy to get up and running a ballast & PSU & LED STRIP ?

once connecting it all ect would it be discovered by the hue binding in OH

I used these

And all will be powered by a 12v 3a power supply. Once it is connected to the HUE app it will be discovered in openhab 2.X.

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the ones you linked dont ship to my country UK

for anyone else who finds this thread and wonders what you do with the product linked heres a video

Could someone send me a link to required PSU and Strip Is there anything else i would need to know ?

how does addressable work ?

Any 12v 3A dc power supply will work. You will have to cut the plug and wire it directly.

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How do you know what strips are compatible alot of the ones I can find come with a remote to change colour

Any SMD 5050 with RGB and/or W will work. Each channel gets wired separately.

so you can buy the ones with the little remote and just throw all that stuff away keep the strip buy a ballast and a power supply

using one of these to connect the strip to the ballast ?

If you want to do a little programming I used an ESP8266 Thing connecting to an MQTT broker. The ESP runs Arduino and drives an LED strip I got from Just an option. You’d need to write some code but it works great with OpenHAB and you can program your own effects!

Iv been searching for a few days now all the varietys I can find look to be very simular is there a way too tell the quality of the strip that I would buy

I’m worried about connecting two strips together and the colors not being the same due too voltage drop as these would be side by side on the stairs it would be very noticeable if the colors weren’t the same


How do you connect to openhab did you make some thing “diy” esp or what ?
if yes do you have a link ?

thanks Simon

Hi again do you have the addressable functions working with openhab how do you send commands for different colour combinations ect