Help with Loxone / LIFX bindings

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: x86 2vCPU
    • OS: Debian 10
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu 8
    • openHAB version: 2.5.5
  • Issue of the topic: I am trying to use OpenHab to bridge my Loxone setup to some LIFX bulbs. I have tried to setup Rules and Multi-Channel linking both unsuccessfully. From the BasicUI, I can toggle both items individually and they both update their respective things. However if I press one of my switches to turn on the Loxone output nothing gets passed to the LIFX bulb. If I toggle the Loxone item from the BasicUI the LIFX item switch toggles as well, however the actual bulb does not change state. Some help on how to troubleshoot this issue would be appreciated.
  • Please post configurations (if applicable):
    • Items configuration related to the issue
//Lifx Items

Color    KitchenPendant1Color            "Color"             {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D5400726:color"}
Switch   KitchenPendant1ColorSwitch      "Pendant 1"         {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D5400726:color", channel="loxone:miniserver:504F94A021B4:14F31A4B-00BB-52B0-FFFF4AB1EAA62AAA-AI3"  [profile="rawbutton-toggle-switch"]} 
Dimmer   KitchenPendant1Temperature      "Temperature"       {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D5400726:temperature"}
Number   KitchenPendant1Signalstrength   "Signal strength"   {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D5400726:signalstrength"}
Color    KitchenPendant2Color            "Color"             {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D52FFAAC:color"}
Switch   KitchenPendant2ColorSwitch      "Pendant 2"         {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D52FFAAC:color", channel="loxone:miniserver:504F94A021B4:14F31A4B-00BB-52B0-FFFF4AB1EAA62AAA-AI3"  [profile="rawbutton-toggle-switch"]}
Dimmer   KitchenPendant2Temperature      "Temperature"       {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D52FFAAC:temperature"}
Number   KitchenPendant2Signalstrength   "Signal strength"   {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D52FFAAC:signalstrength"}
Color    KitchenPendant3Color            "Color"             {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D54002B0:color"}
Switch   KitchenPendant3ColorSwitch      "Pendant 3"         {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D54002B0:color", channel="loxone:miniserver:504F94A021B4:14F31A4B-00BB-52B0-FFFF4AB1EAA62AAA-AI3"  [profile="rawbutton-toggle-switch"]}
Dimmer   KitchenPendant3Temperature      "Temperature"       {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D54002B0:temperature"}
Number   KitchenPendant3Signalstrength   "Signal strength"   {channel="lifx:colorlight:D073D54002B0:signalstrength"}

//Loxone Items

Switch 14F31A4B00BB52B0FFFF4AB1EAA62AAAAI3 "Kitchen / ai: pendant" {channel="loxone:miniserver:504F94A021B4:14F31A4B-00BB-52B0-FFFF4AB1EAA62AAA-AI3"}```
  • Sitemap configuration related to the issue
sitemap demo label="My Home"
    Frame {
        Default item=KitchenPendant1Color label="Pendant 1 Color"
        Switch item=KitchenPendant1Color label="Pendant 1 Color"
        Default item=KitchenPendant1Signalstrength label="Pendant 1 Signal strength"
        Default item=KitchenPendant1Temperature label="Pendant 1 Temperature"

    Frame {
        Default item=KitchenPendant2Color label="Pendant 2 Color"
        Switch item=KitchenPendant2Color label="Pendant 2 Color"
        Default item=KitchenPendant2Signalstrength label="Pendant 2 Signal strength"
        Default item=KitchenPendant2Temperature label="Pendant 2 Temperature"

    Frame {
        Default item=KitchenPendant3Color label="Pendant 3 Color"
        Switch item=KitchenPendant3Color label="Pendant 3 Color"
        Default item=KitchenPendant3Signalstrength label="Pendant 3 Signal strength"
        Default item=KitchenPendant3Temperature label="Pendant 3 Temperature"

    Frame {
        Default item=14F31A4B00BB52B0FFFF4AB1EAA62AAAAI3 label="Loxone Pendant"
  • Rules code related to the issue: None Active
  • Services configuration related to the issue: None
  • If logs where generated please post these here using code fences: No Errors In Log File