Help with NPE from static code analysis in rule

I’ve submitted a PR for a new InfluxDB 2.0 persistence add-on and Travis build throws an NPE in a FindBugs static code analysis.

The rule seems to be a custom one from OpenHab from this project.
It seems a bug because the error is in a class that doesn’t use any logger at all.
Has someone had the same problem? Can I open an issue in static-code-analysis project?

Thanks for working on the new InfluxDB persistence add-on! I’m also using InfluxDB for persistence so I’m happy to help out! :slight_smile:

I had a look at the issue and it seems to be caused by the var type variables used in the tests. We probably have to upgrade some Maven plugins used by SAT to fix it. I’ve created a PR to your branch which uses the actual types which fixes the build for me:

There’s now also an issue for tracking this: