Help with setup of Heatit thermostat (v. 1), firmware 1.92 on openHAB 2.4

Note: I have decided to start a separate thread for the new firmware, since it behaves differently, so the old thread is a rather confusing mixture of questions and answers for the different versions.

I have upgraded the firmware of my Heatit thermostat to 1.92 (using a cheap cable from eBay). After I had removed the existing thing from OH and paired the thermostat again, it shows different channels than with the old firmware:

  1. Switch switch_binary … on/off, not sure what this does (but see below)
  2. Switch sensor_binary … don’t know what this one is; values are given as “Triggered”/“Untriggered”, but I only get Triggered (haven’t try changing it manually, since I do not know what it does)
  3. Switch thermostat_mode … choice of mode off/heat/eco/cool (where ‘cool’ does not do anything, since this is a floor-heating setup)
  4. Number thermostat_setpoint_heating … setpoint in the normal (heat) mode; works ok
  5. Number thermostat_setpoint_cooling … setpoint in the cool mode - not in use
  6. Number thermostat_setpoint_furnace … no idea what it does, does not seem to have any effect
  7. Number config_decimal_param12 … strength of “Power” modus - not using this one
  8. Switch switch_binary1 … indicator whether the thermostat is on; works OK
  9. Number sensor_temperature2 … air temperature - measured inside the thermostat, so mostly useless due to heat build up
  10. Number sensor_temperature3 … temperature from external sensor … I don’t have one, so could not test this
  11. Number sensor_temperature4 … floor temperature; works ok

I would like to know the following:

  • What are the first two switches for? And can they both be changed from OH, or are they meant as read-only?
    • I see that when I switch the relay on in OH, the switch in channel 1 switch from off til on - does it mean that this is some kind of indicator whether the thermostat decides itself, or is controlled externally? (I would at least expect it to have such an indicator, since without it, it could immediately undo/override any changes done in OH?)
  • What is channel 6, i.e., what is “furnace”?
  • Is it really not possible to read/control the setpoint in eco mode? From what I have seen elsewhere, it is possible in for ex. Homeseer…
    • On the other hand, the device database says that eco mode “Is a setback mode that you can use if the thermostat is installed in a room or a house that is rarely used. The difference lies in the hysteresis.” … but this sounds strange, since the thermostat itself has separate set points for heat (comf) and eco modes…
    • I also see that there is “ECO mode setpoint” as parameter 11 in Configuration, but this is not synchronized with the thermostat (just like all the other parameters) - is this normal?

By the way, I have sett all 5 association groups in configuration to “Controller”.

@mkaut sorry to resurrect this thread - but what was the cheap cable you found on eBay that was able to perform the firmware update successfully?