Help with thing definition using mqtt and rollershutter

Hi, I’m using OH2.5 latests snapshot.

I have a RF rollershutter loinked through mqtt. To move it up or down I have to publish to the following topics the message ‘replay’:


The problem i’m facing is how do I link the Rollershutter buttons (UP, DOWN, STOP) to it’s corresponding channels.

This is what I have for now, and it working but with single buttons.


Thing topic broadlink
        Type switch : Mb_rollershutter_up [ commandTopic="broadlink/masterbedroom/rollershutter/up", on="replay" ]
        Type switch : Mb_rollershutter_down [ commandTopic="broadlink/masterbedroom/rollershutter/down",  on="replay" ]
        Type switch : Mb_rollershutter_stop [ commandTopic="broadlink/masterbedroom/rollershutter/stop",  on="replay" ]


Switch MB_RollerShutter_Up          "Up"                <blinds>      { channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:broadlink:Mb_rollershutter_up", autoupdate="false"}
Switch MB_RollerShutter_Down        "Down"                 <blinds>     { channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:broadlink:Mb_rollershutter_down", autoupdate="false" }

I would appreciate any help!

Sorry to rebump this topic.
Anyone can help with this?

I think I’d create a dummy Rollershutter Item, put that on my sitemap, and have a rule listening for UP/DOWN/STOP commands to that Item that reinterpreted them into the appropriate Switch ON/OFF

I made it that way.
It feels like a workaround but it works just fine.