Heltun Quinto Relay Switch Roller Shutter control

Hi all

I bought a Heltun Quinto relay switch to controll my roller shutters, because I like the idea to control two shutters with only one device.
Basically the module is working.
However I don’t understand how to operate in roller shutter mode correctly.
Regarding the product description, the module calculates the position and stops if the blinds are fully open/closed.

Is this only the case if I use a local (momentary) switch? (Right now I don’t have a swich connected.)
If I change relay 1 to “ON” via OPENHAB, it will never switch back to OFF once the blind is open/closed.

Is anyone else successfully using a Heltun Quinto?

Heltun Support stated that the module can not calculate the current position. There is only a ON/OFF Timer. It seems I have to calculate the position by myself in OH or use another product.


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