HEOS - control AMP via binding

Hi there,

I own a Marantz NA6006 network-player and a Marantz PM8006 amplifier.
Both are connected with a Remote Bus cable.

Within the HEOS iOS app, there is a control switch “enable amp control”.
When I switch on the player with the app, the amp gets a wake up impulse via this bus.

I’m wondering, if it is possible to send a similar command via the OH app, so that I can switch on the Amp with openHAB.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

yes, this is possible. Did you find the solution in the meantime? There is a Denon HEOS Binding available which can control Denon & Marantz devices.

Thx for the reply. I’ve installed both, HEOS and also Denon/Marantz bindings. With these, I can control the NA6006 network player.
But I cannot switch on the PM8006 amp.
And I think this must be possible with a Telnet command, as the original HEOS app doesn’t do anything different…

Hi Nico / @nw378,
I don’t know how Marantz things look in openHAB - I just can say for my Denon: you need to add the Amplifier via “create thing” (in new Denon/Marantz AVR dialog), maintain IP address of Amp. and create afterwards ON/OFF switch in the channels of the amp.
For my Denon this is working fine.

I use it similar like you.
But there is one big difference: my Amp is not directly linked to LAN, only the network player.
The Amp itself has no LAN port. It’s connected to the network player with a bus cable.
And HEOS sends a command to the network player; after that, the player sends a command to the Amp.

And I think this must be possible with a Telnet command, too. Cause the HEOS App does nothing else…

understood. If you have a solution, let us know. I am curious if this will work.