HestiaPi - New UI lighter than HABPanel for Pi Zero [VIDEO]

One of the popular requests for HestiaPi has always been the LCD UI. The LCD UI so far has been very sluggish due to the fact that we use the HABPanel. HABPanel is an addon of openHAB that allows easy UI modifications but on the other hand it is very heavy for our little Pi Zero CPU-wise.

So we removed it and redesigned a new UI for the LCD (the phone app UI stays the same). It is based on pure HTML, CSS and Javascript and talks to openHAB via MQTT over websockets. We had to compile our own mosquitto server as the standard Raspbian package does not support websockets yet.
We built a little proof-of-concept UI with just 2 buttons adjusting the temperature setpoint and from another tablet we observed the speed the change is propagated.
The results prove us right on deciding to go that way:

More info will be soon released on our Git repo and a proper post here will go into details for others to design their own.


Thanks for the update. Now that Google is giving us a little more time before we have to lose our access to Nest (as long as you don’t convert your Nest account to a Google account) I can actually wait until you guys ship. I still don’t like the case but hey, I like to work with wood. Maybe I can come up with something on my own. And it will work just fine in the 3D printed cased in the mean time.

I just wish you offered a bare bones kit that included the case. I have RPis and SD cards all over the place but no 3D printer.

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We were trying to give the least options with the most possible buyers. We didn’t quantize it too much but then again someone else would have a 3D printer but wouldn’t know how to flash Raspbian on an SD or solder :wink: