High CPU on OH2.3.0


I’m running Openhab 2.3.0 based on a Openhabian installation.
All Updates are applied. Hardware is a Raspberry Pi 3B+. I’m using an USB attached SSD as system drive.
I use a lot of Bindings. The Load of the Raspi is never lower than 1.

Here’s an Output of threads --list in karaff shell:

Has anyone an idea, how I can find out which binding, rule or whatever is causing this load?
I can also deliver more information to clarify the issue!

Thanks a lot in advance!

At first you could disable bindings and rules one at a time and see if that makes a difference. Looking at your thread list I’d start with something that relates to Frizbox.

as a first step I raised Fritzbox TR064 Refresh from 60000 ms to 180000.

The Fritzbox TR064 now uses much more CPU Time

As a next step I changed a HTTP Refresh Item, from Refreshing every 10 seconds to 1 hour (which is enough for this item)

This also reduced the CPU usage from HTTP Refresh Binding…

Now I’m looking forward to other processes wasting CPU Time…

Still searching for a possibitlity to find out which Binding/Rule or whatever is causing high CPU usage…

There’s gazillion potential reasons so you need to investigate further what’s the conditions/recent actions to cause this, otherwise it’s just pure guessing and digging in the dark, and noone neither wants nor can do that except yourself.

One frequently met reason though is that Java recompiles rules. That’ll happen whenever you edit rules and config files which you shouldn’t do interactively.
See this thread for details and check if that edit method mentioned makes a difference for you.

PS: and we expect people to search the forum before asking for help, and I guess you would have found that thread yourself if you had.

Once more: Disable them one at a time and see what happens…