High load on OH4

For me OH4 is not working at all. There is a huge CPU load and no consistent behavior when loading my items or rules files. Even without any rules-files loaded, cpu-load is sometimes not dropping, also with all persistences disabled. After 3 days working on OH4 I still cannot find a consistent error. My best guess is an issue with the queing. Could it be, that OH4 needs a lot more queing ressources than OH3.4?
I run a system with >2000 items, > 260 things and > 660 rules. Everyting runs stable on a virtual machine with 8Gb ram and OH3.4.

High CPU load issue:
I think the modbus binding might have a problem. I reconfigured the system without modbus. Tomorrow I will test further…

Modbus was not the culprit of the high CPU load. I don’t know what to do else…
OH4 run’s. Loading the textual files manual with delay prevents the system of blocking. However, an automatic start with all textual settings provokes the error (not consistently). Mainly the subtask upnp-remote-queue is taken a very high load (on the long run) and is blocking the system. I think it has defenitly something to do with queuing, as a queuing issue can explain the unpredictable occurrence. I allready tried to increase safeCall to 100 and set Xmx to 6Gb, not solving my problems. Are there other pools/settings I can modify?

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