High load on Raspberry Pi 3 B when using influx as persistence

I am using openHAB #1227 on a Raspberry Pi with Zulu Java. Over time I have seen that load has increased. I have tried to stop different bundles and the affected performance at most was the influx persistence. My Influx database i running on another server (Ubuntu 16.04 VM), that machine seems to be running without any significant load.
I haven’t setup any particular retention, (besides from autogen) - so I gues that there might be an issue here.
I plan to flush (or setup some retention) my influx database to see if that is the problem

Does anybody have any ideas of what might be the cause? I only use influx for charting. Other persistence is done with mapdb. Anything in particular I should/could check?

I just updated my openHAB to latest nightly build (#1242). That didn’t help, also I have tried to install an empty influx on my Raspberry. When conencting to the IP (, there is no difference. It seems to be slightly better (but still to high) when connecting to
I am running latest influxdb (1.5.1)
Anybody having same issues?

I had the same issue before mi Pi crashed, but thought that I missconfigured or tested to much different settings. Every few seconds I had a peek in “top” overview.
Actually I didn’t reinstall influx & Grafana, but I think I would like to do so, to use nicer graphs in HABpanel