High memory usage and some items aren't updated


since some time I got a problem with my openhab3 installation (latest stable version, running in Proxmox Debian LXC):

I recognized that the memory usage increases permanently, step by step, to the maximum.
Then at one point (there is nothing at the log), some items seem to get no updates anymore. I especially noticed that with homematic items.
After a restart of the service or the container, the items get an update again.

Because I can’t find it in the logs, I don’t know exactly where to start with the analysis.
Do you have some hints to help me?

Thanks, Alex

There’s a number of threads currently active regarding high memory usage. Common current culprits are a particular binding (what bindings are you using?), and JavaScript rules with errors in them (how are you writing your rules?).

Here are the bindings I am using:

Most of my rules are written in DSL, except the “Time of day” Rule written in JS.

Also it is strange, that some Homematic items still are updated and some not.