High temp zwave sensor

I would like to monitor the temperature in my attic. I’m concerned it is causing issues with my AC system. The highest temp I’ve seen on google is 120F which is likely too low for the worst days. Is anyone aware of a zwave sensor that can report temps above that?

You can use this and run wire to up to six remote sensors that will read to 250F:

I have one and it seems to work fine for that purpose. It also has a built in sensor that seems to read a few degrees high but claims to be good to 125C which should be plenty for your needs


Very cool. How do you power it? Most of the low power USB plugs only do 5V. This looks like it needs 9V.

I power it with a 9V wall wart I had sitting around. I made a PC Board with input for power and three places to plug into the 1 wire bus so I could place 3 sensors in my server cabinet to make sure it isn’t overheating. Or given what it currently doing, to see how close it gets. Need to add some more ventilation there for sure.