Hikvision PTZ Control

Here is my solution for controlling the ptz-function of a Hikvision camera (in my case DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3) on a raspberry pi (openhabian, openhab3.0).
For this to work basis auth has to be accepted by your camera.

            Switch item=ptz_pan mappings=[1="←",2="→"]
            Switch item=ptz_tilt mappings=[1="↓",2="↑"]
            Switch item=ptz_zoom mappings=[1="+",2="-"]
            Switch item=ptz_preset mappings=[1="Carport.", 2="Hintereing.", 3="Vordereing."]

*.items String ptz_pan "Drehen []"  <none>
String ptz_tilt "Kippen []"  <none>
String ptz_zoom "Zoomen []"  <none>
String ptz_preset "" <none>

For each kind of movement a rule takes the state of the item, executes a script and resets the state of the item, so it can be activated by the user again.

rule "ptz_pan" 
    Item ptz_pan changed to "1" or
    Item ptz_pan changed to "2"


 var var1 = ptz_pan.state.toString()
 createTimer(now.plusSeconds(2), [ |
 switch(var1) {

       case "1": {
       //logInfo("ptz-pan", "←")

        case "2": {
        //logInfo("ptz-pan", "→")

For the movement tilt, zoom and the presets the rule looks and works in the same way.

On the internet I had found an pdf
ISAPI_2.0-PTZ Service.pdf

with which I am able to access onto the api of the camera.
By using (in my case) postman and the pdf I was able to create a curl-command which is now embedded in the script.
(Note: the script needs appropriate rights to be executed by openhab -->chmod…)


curl --location --request PUT 'http://youripofthecamera:
usuallyitisport80/ISAPI/PTZCtrl/channels/1/relative' --header 'Authorization: Basic AddyourPostmanCodeforAuthorizationhere' --header 'Content-Type: application/xml' --data-raw '<PTZData>

In my case I use the movement-method RELATIVE for pan, tilt and zoom:

The origin of ordinates is (in my case) in the lefthand-button-corner.
So for the view to stay still enter


Lowering Y move the view to the left, increasing it move the view to the right.
The same for X = tilt (up and down)
The number (whole ones) for:
Pan has to be between 0<=X<=255
Tilt has to be between 0<=Y<=255
Zoom has to be between -100<=Z<=100

Example for tilting upwards


My settings for panning and tilting are “0” , “255” and for zoom “-50” or “50”

For the presets I use another curl-command:

        curl --location --request PUT 'http:///youripofthecamera:
usuallyitisport80/ISAPI/PTZCtrl/channels/1/presets/add yourpresetidhere/goto' \
    --header 'Authorization: Basic AddyourPostmanCodeforAuthorizationhere' \

--header 'Content-Type: text/plain' \

--data-raw '{}'

(Note: like before you have to add your cameras ip, port, code for authorization (in my case generated by Postman (I dont know how its done manually) and the presetid)

I hope this example will save you time, while trying to get the ptz-control running. :grin:

And please comment and suggest your ideas and improvements on this topic, I am quite new to this kind of stuff.

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