Hills CommNav with Reliance Alarm

Hi Guys

Has anyone setup integration to this? The reliance 12 is an alarm and the CommNav is an add on card which allows cloud based access for the alarm system. It has a built in web server and RJ45 port for connecting to the network.

Be interested to see if anyone has done something with this?

The Comm Nav is a rebranded Interlogix unit


Hi Kris,

Hills Australia have rebranded the Caddx 8/12 etc to be Hills Reliance R8/12/128

It is set up and working but using the NX584 Caddx Binding.

The NX584 Home Automation Module is no longer available in Australia (assuming that’s where you’re from), though it can be ordered through Amazon

I don’t think ComNAV (NX-595E) provides the same functionality as the NX-584???

Good News though is that Hills have just released the Reliance XR Pro which has built in Z-Wave (Can be Controller or Device) and ComNAV though the Z-Wave isn’t enabled just yet

Hi Rob

Thanks for the reply!

So the NX583 is the hardware inside the Hills unit? and is actually a Caddax product? Yes im in Australia :slight_smile:

So it sounds like i might have to junk the CommNav and fit the NX584, sourced overseas? The Reliance XR Pro doesnt sound like its what I need. Whilst I can intergrate with Zwave, it would need to be a device (as theres an existing Zwave network and controller).

I guess ill need to see oif the NX594 can work with the binding?

Looks like someone has something working with the NX595E

The Reliance XR Pro can be either a Device OR Controller from what I have seen in the manuals. I believe Hills are still waiting on the Aus approval before activating it via a firmware update though so I guess once it’s approved we’ll find out and I’ll report back.

If you’re interested in being a guinea pig for me and testing the XR Pro I can provide at trade cost (it’s not overly expensive) and give complete support for the Alarm System programming side of things

Yep! It’s a Caddx/Interlogix/GE product, I don’t think there is too much difference in the firmware but the hardware is identical!

My Software programming abilities are near non existent - Thank god for templates and walk throughs on here!

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Hi mate, sure, please drop me a PM to discuss the unit. Im keen to know more