[HM-DIS-WM55] Display shows just 5 lines instead of 6


It’s about the Homematic wall display HM-DIS-WM55.
I could easily pair it with the CCU2 and it appeared immediately in PaperUIs inbox. From there I added it as a new thing.
In the things’ config I only see channels for 5 display lines, colors and icons.

homematic:HM-Dis-WM55:xxxxxxxx:OEQ0104408:1#DISPLAY_LINE_1 to ****#DISPLAY_LINE_5

In fact the display has 6 lines!

I’ve also tried the following in *.items file:

String Display_line_1 "Line 1" { channel="homematic:HM-Dis-WM55:xxxxxxxx:OEQ0104408:1#DISPLAY_LINE_1" }
String Display_line_2 "Line 2" { channel="homematic:HM-Dis-WM55:xxxxxxxx:OEQ0104408:1#DISPLAY_LINE_2" }
String Display_line_3 "Line 3" { channel="homematic:HM-Dis-WM55:xxxxxxxx:OEQ0104408:1#DISPLAY_LINE_3" }
String Display_line_4 "Line 4" { channel="homematic:HM-Dis-WM55:xxxxxxxx:OEQ0104408:1#DISPLAY_LINE_4" }
String Display_line_5 "Line 5" { channel="homematic:HM-Dis-WM55:xxxxxxxx:OEQ0104408:1#DISPLAY_LINE_5" }
Switch Display_submit "Submit" { channel="homematic:HM-Dis-WM55:xxxxxxxx:OEQ0104408:1#DISPLAY_SUBMIT" }

and wrote a rule with this body

sendCommand(Display_line_1, "Zeile 1")
sendCommand(Display_line_5, "Zeile 5")
sendCommand(Display_submit, ON)

This shows the desired content on the display. So everything works in general…

Except: adding a line analogous for DISPLAY_LINE_6 and/or DISPLAY_LINE_0 does not work!

So, is it me or is something wrong with the binding?

Just to clarify: Scripting the display directly over the CCU2 gives the desired result with 6 lines.

I know there is also a homematic component available with the name HM-DIS-EP-WM55. This one really has just 5 lines! So, I think the binding does not differentiate between the two?

Any hints?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Thomas

I have got a EP device and you are right this device has got 5 display lines but the 1st and last line are used as button texts. Unlike the other three lines these lines don’t have any icons.
These two lines can be set via the CCU. But (as far as I remember) while developing and testing the binding for this device we did not figure out how to set the texts of these two lines. This means for the EP device it is only possible to set 3 lines via the openHAB binding.
I suppose it’s the same problem with your device. But maybe @gerrieg knows more about this problem.


Hello Martin!

At first I want to thank you very much for taking the time answering me.
I understand what you mean and would agree with you, but in my case only the first line ist not usable. That corresponds to your statement about the upper button(-text).
In the contrary the last line ist configurable with text/icon/color.
Maybe I should take some photos for clarification?

Many thanks for the support and any further help is welcome!


OK, so you say this device has 6 lines. I don’t know because i don’t have this devices, but i have added support for a sixth line: https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/3192

Hi Gerhard!
This are really good news and I can’t wait to see if this works! Very much thank you for your support and engagement!
I am already on the SNAPSHOT releases, so, do I have to do something special to get the updated homematic binding or do I only have to wait until tomorrow (after the night’s automated build)?
Best regards, Thomas

OK, I think I got it.
After todays update of my openhab instance and deleting and re-adding of the “thing” in paperUI, I see the following new channels:

  • Display Line 6
  • Display Color 6
  • Display Icon 6.

So far, so good!

I added following line to my *.items file:

String Display_line_6 "Line 6" { channel="homematic:HM-Dis-WM55:e2ae11fa:OEQ0104408:1#DISPLAY_LINE_6" }

and configured the following in my rule

	sendCommand(Display_line_1, "1")
	sendCommand(Display_line_2, "2")
	sendCommand(Display_line_3, "3")
	sendCommand(Display_line_4, "4")
	sendCommand(Display_line_5, "5")
	sendCommand(Display_line_6, "6")

And what i get on the display is:
First line is blank, followed by five lines with content “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, "5"
It seems as if the sixth line is out of the screen.
Is this possible? Maybe the new added channel had to be display_line_0 or the entire content has to be moved one line up…

Maybe you could investigate once more on this problem?

Best regards,

Because of my vacation with a little delay: https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/3263

Please try it and let me know if it works

Very much thank you for your effords!
I got an update today and if your changes are included already (is there a changelog somewhere?) I must say, that it changed nothing. Sorry!
This time I did not re-add the thing. Do I have to?
What else can I do to help you/what informations do you need?

I think i can remember that you own such a device. Can you please play with the code and test the first line? Unfortunately, I can’t do anything here.

If @MHerbst does not have this device:
I would lend my device!
To you? To Martin?

@gerrieg, I have the EP device and maybe I can find some time this weekend to test it. But the EP device has fewer lines then the WM display. I also remember that it was not possible to set all lines.
For more detailed tests and debugging I would first have to set-up a new development environment.

@Thomas_G, @gerrieg I played a bit with my EP device and it is a bit weird. The device has got 5 lines and in the device settings I can set lines 1, 2, 4, 5.
This is a screenshot of the CCU settings and picture of the device after sending these settings:

You can see that there are more lines in the setting then the device supports. It is also not possible to set the middle line via the settings …

In the next step I wrote a program in the CCU. This looks like this:

As you can see in the screenshot it is only possible to set the 3 lines in the middle by a program. “Zeile 1” and “Zeile 2” are disabled.

This means for the EP device the binding supports exactly the same features as the CCU.

@Thomas_G can you try to set the text via a CCU program? Can the CCU more than the binding?

Thank you for dealing with my problem!

… as statet in my first post, I can directly set 6 lines via CCU-script.
Should I post a Screenshot?
And: If it helps the community I can send you my device!

Opps sorry, I have overlooked this post :-).

And: If it helps the community I can send you my device!

I currently don’t have a working development environment. Maybe it could help @gerrieg.

Good news!

Today I had a power failure at home and had to restart my server.
In this context, I have installed updates again, including a new openhab2 snapshot.

And right now I just looked at the display: The entire text has slid up one line and a sixth line has now become visible!

The display seems to work as expected now!
I don’t know if it is because of the new snapshot, or because of the reboot…

@gerrieg, @MHerbst: Thank you very much!!!