Hm-pb-6-wm55,press_long, press_long_release

Out of the Visual Studio Code I was able to create Items out of channels for the thing HM-PB-6-WM55.
Although it is not visible in the paper ui, items were created for the channels of type PRESS_LONG_RELEASE.

Two questions here:

Why are these channels not visible in paper ui?
What is the functional difference between PRESS_LONG and PRESS_LONG_RELEASE, is PRESS_LONG coming after 0.4 s press, and the PRESS_LONG_RELEASE after I release the button?

Unfortunately I am for one more week 900km away from my installation and cannot test it.

Any ideas here?

Items configured in files are not visible in Paper UI.
As for the press and release, I’d suspect that you might want to send commands to a motor to keep moving as long as the button is pressed and when it’s released, send a stop command.

Items configured in files are visible in paperui, for sure.

What I meant is that in paper ui the thing’s channel PRESS_LONG_RELEASE is not visible.

“Show more” in PaperUI is your friend.

Yep, Thanks

In items yes, for some reason I thought you were talking about the Control section, sorry for the confusion :blush: