HmIP bbl rollershutter instead of dimmer?


I’ve got 3 HmIP-BBL in use for my rollershutters, but i’ve got problems with them. They don’t work. This is my items-file

Rollershutter      EG_Jalousie_Ost_Kueche                  "Jalousie Ost Küche [%d %%]"                <rollershutter>     (JalousienAlle)          ["Switchable"]      {channel="homematic:HmIP-BBL:NExxxxxx:xxxxx:4#LEVEL"}
Dimmer             EG_Jalousie_Ost_Kueche_Lamellen         "Jalousie Ost Küche Lamellen [%d %%]"       <rollershutter>     (JalousienAlle)          ["Switchable"]      {channel="homematic:HmIP-BBL:NExxxxxxx:xxxxxxx:4#LEVEL_2"}
Rollershutter      EG_Jalousie_Ost_Essen                   "Jalousie Ost Essen [%d %%]"                <rollershutter>     (JalousienAlle)          ["Switchable"]      {channel="homematic:HmIP-BBL:NExxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxx:4#LEVEL"}
Dimmer             EG_Jalousie_Ost_Essen_Lamellen          "Jalousie Ost Essen Lamellen [%d %%]"       <rollershutter>     (JalousienAlle)          ["Switchable"]      {channel="homematic:HmIP-BBL:NExxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxx:4#LEVEL_2"}
Rollershutter      EG_Jalousie_Ost_Wohnen                  "Jalousie Ost Wohnen [%d %%]"               <rollershutter>     (JalousienAlle)          ["Switchable"]      {channel="homematic:HmIP-BBL:NExxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxx:4#LEVEL"}
Dimmer             EG_Jalousie_Ost_Wohnen_Lamellen         "Jalousie Ost Wohnen Lamellen [%d %%]"      <rullershutter>     (JalousienAlle)          ["Switchable"]      {channel="homematic:HmIP-BBL:NExxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxx:4#LEVEL_2"}

In the sitemap i’m using “switch”. But when i press a button, nothing happens…
In the PaperUI the channels are named with “dimmer” - but then i can only take “slider” in the sitemap and that isn’t that, what i want.

Does anybody has an idea??

BR Jürgen

You can use Rollershutter only and in the sitemap Switch and Slider.


i have the same problem. Could you solve the problem and find a solution.
When yes please give me the items and the sitemap configuration



I’m using “dimmer” in the items and “slider” in the sitemaps. This is working.


it is working MANY MANY Thanks to you