HmIP-SPDR - Item configuration


I have some problems with my HmIP-SPDR. I’m using openhab 2.5 snapshot and raspbian with OCCU

The problem is, that i can’t read the state of the sensor in openhab. On the CCU the counters and the detection of the direction is working.
In Openhab the items are typed as switch (direction) or number (counter).
I tryed to use an items-file and the automatic items-configuration in the paper-ui. Both didn’t work…

Has anybody an idea?

BR Jürgen

What binding are you using?

Some Homematic devices don’t work “out of the box” and need some special treatment. This is a rather new device and therefore probably not supported correctly. Please create an issue in the github repo (

The homematic binding 2.5.0 snapshot…

Any updates here? I have buyed the HmIP-SPDR too and i have got the same issues as @JBachmann . Counter is working on the ccu but not on openhab. I am using openhab 2.5.7 and the original ccu3 version 3.55.5.
Thank you for any update :wink: