HMW-IO-12-Sw14-DR error when using DIGITAL/ANALOG ( frequency) Input

I have a problem with the Homematic Multi IO module hmw-io-12-sw14-dr. I use the file OH 2.4 and Raspberrymatic with the latest version. Where a test with a CCU2 with the latest version and OH2.4 came to the same result.
The binding has a problem with the input channels 15-20. With these channels you can usually choose whether you want to use the input as analog (frequency measurement) or digital (state). Openhab recognizes your input at first login and sets the configuration. After that, Openhab can no longer switch between analgo and digital. Openhab will not recreate the channel. Worse still, if you have more than one of these modules, all the other modules will be configured relative to channels 15-20 of the first one. Even if you deregister all modules and create new data points are not created again. Only after uninstalling Openhab and rebuilding it will the channels be recreated. But just as described above only once. :frowning:
Is this already known or maybe there is a solution?

Here is the logfile of Openhab.
There are two modules registered. In the first channel 15 is digital and channel 16 is analog.
As soon as I send an analogue value over channel 15 on the second this entry comes up:

2019-02-03 15: 58: 33.959 [WARN] [ternal.handler.HomematicThingHandler] - Channel not found for datapoint ‘LEQ0251896: 15 # FREQUENCY’

How can I create the channel in OH?

Kind regards