Home alarm PIR to OpenHAB Tutorial

I built this to get the last date/time of each PIR (passive infrared sensor) that is hooked up to my home alarm system (plus uses rr4dj graphing for historical purposes) into OpenHAB. This could be handy to supplement home presence (although can’t be solely relied upon). Its one of those things that I built for the hell of it, but actually have found it quite handy at the times I’ve been out of the house…

Feedback would be welcome!

Very nice!

What kind of Alarm system are you using?

I have done something similar (less complex) with the Paradox alarm system… I need to document a HowTo also :slight_smile:

Hey mate,

Its a Bosch alarm. The setup may vary a little based on the make/model of one’s alarm, however the whole concept should be pretty much the same - there maybe slight changes you’d have to make for it to work. It was (arduino code and openhab rules specifically) hacked together fairly quick, but it works well. Thanks to a guy on another forum who pointed me in the LM339 comparator chip direction - made life a lot easier when building it!


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Very nice stuff! I will read the entire instructables entry and give you more feedback soon!

by the way, I am using Grafana to display the PIR motion events:


All PIR’s on one graph, nice - much better idea! Plus Grafana is a damn sight better looking than rrd4j graphs! I must update to it soon…!