Home Alarm System - Remote Controllers (arm/disarm)

Hi guys,

So I’ve read a lot of nice posts in here with different approaches and hardware for home Alarm systems.

Right now my setup is kinda simple. I use the Xiaomi Gateway along with a lot of Aqara Pir and Aqara Door/Window Sensors.
So if my Alarm is active and someone triggers the Pir or opens a door/window then a siren is being played out loud on my Xiaomi Gateway.
Currently that works fine for now (experimental).

What I am looking for is, some kind of Remote key with two or more buttons, that can arm or disarm the alarm. Instead, my family have to get their smartphone up and open the openhab app and then disarm the alarm.
I was looking at something like this:
Sonoff 433MHz 4-Channel Wireless Smart RF Control Electric Gate Door Smart Remote Control Key Fob Controller

I know I also have to get the Sonoff 433 bridge then, but I don’t have all the tools for flashing the units with tasmota, which I can see most of the people does.
Have anyone got it working without doing so and will the binding be sufficient?

Perhaps someone have another idea?
I highly appreciate if there is a binding already for the solution, since I’m not that skilled in programming etc - sorry :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone…

A Dash Button might work for this.

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Hi Yoinkz, i know that post don’t answer your question but… how did you set the condition on Mi Home to play sound ONLY when someone triggers the Pir or opens a door/window AND alarm is on inside Mi Home App?

Well I don’t do anything in the MI Home app. Everything is set up in openhab. I only used the MI Hole app to pair the devices with the gateway.

I can share my conf if you want to have a look?

Thank you Yoinkz!
So how did you arm the alarm!?!?

Hey @kvegeta,

Sorry for the late response, but I’ve been busy and not around my installation lately, but here it goes:

First I’ve created a dummy switch in my Alarm.items file:

// Alarm
Switch AlarmStatus "Alarm" <alamrm>

Next I’ve added my Xiaomi Windows/Door Sensor under my xiaomi.items file:

//Hobbyroom Door Switch
Contact Hobbyroom_DoorSwitch_Status "Garage door Open/Closed" <window> (gHobbyroom,gHobbyroom_alarm,gAlarm) { channel="mihome:sensor_magnet:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:isOpen" }

Finally I have the alarm.rules file, where the alarm gets triggered based on the conditions:

rule "Hobbyroom Xiaomi Door Sensor"
    Item Hobbyroom_DoorSwitch_Status changed
    if (Hobbyroom_DoorSwitch_Status.state == OPEN && AlarmStatus.state == ON) {
        sendCommand(Gateway_SoundVolume, 20)
        sendCommand(Gateway_Sound, 1)
    } else {
        sendCommand(Gateway_Sound, 10000)
        sendCommand(Gateway_SoundVolume, 0)

Oh - almost forgot this one. The button in my sitemap file:

Switch item=AlarmStatus label="On/Off" icon="alarm"

So basically, when the Alarm button is ON and someone opens the door, then the gateway will turn up the volume and start playing the sound chosen. When the alarm is OFF or is being turned OFF after being activated, the sound stops and the volume is turned down.

I know this is really really low end alarm programming and not as fancy as the ones with codes or keycards, but I just haven’t got the time to develop it further. Hopefully this Winter I will get more time to do so.

Let me know if you have any questions or of course ideas :slight_smile: