Home Connect Appliances w/o Home Connect Web site

I just got a new oven and it comes with a Home Connect feature. I do not like the idea of anyone reaching in my house so I am quite unhappy about it.

I am aware of the Home Connect Binding but it does not really solve the problem as it still require registration with a 3rd party. Is there a solution to by pass the Home Connect application? Some emulation of the API that I could install in my home?

Thank you


check GitHub - osresearch/hcpy: Python tool to talk to Home Connect appliances over the local network (no cloud required)
It states

This is a very, very beta interface for Bosch-Siemens Home Connect devices through their local network connection. Unlike most IoT devices that have a reputation for very bad security, BSG seem to have done a decent job of designing their system, especially since they allow a no-cloud local control configuration.