Home energy consumption monitoring using SONOFF POW Elite(w/ TASMOTA)

Hello everyone, this blog post will delve into energy monitoring, featuring using the SONOFF POW Elite energy monitoring device in conjunction with OpenHAB. In the forthcoming videos, I will demonstrate the process of flashing the TASMOTA firmware onto the SONOFF POW modules and subsequently harnessing the energy consumption data it generates within OpenHAB. Furthermore, I will detail the text-based method I employ to integrate the device into OpenHAB, aligning with my preferred approach within my Home Automation Setup. It’s worth noting that this integration can also be achieved through the OpenHAB UI if preferred.

  1. Flashing TASMOTA to SONOFF POW Elite

  2. Ingesting data from SONOFF POW w/ TASMOTA to OpenHAB

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My favorite topic!! Can you also give some examples of what you do with this data?


First of all with the real time data, it kind of always gives me feedback of if I should turn off some unnecessary devices that are not in use. Helps will bit of helping reducing my usage.

Also I have some automations running, so if there is high usage for certain duration, it alerts me.

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