Home Energy Monitors

Any preferences on home energy Monitors? Sense, Neurio, curb?


I use: https://openenergymonitor.org/ - using a home built kit a couple of years ago.

I don’t have a full emoncms instance running, but use emonhub to upload the data to their hosted platform.

As emonhub uses mqtt, I use a common mosquitto instance and take the same feed into openhab, influxdb and graph locally in grafana.


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I just installed a Easton sdm630 with modbus. Extracting data using an esp8266 and mqtt.

All the commercial available solutions are not that accurate and the software to detect which appliances are on is not yet good enough time spend money on.

I will publish the firmware die the esp8266 soon.

I like Brultech GreenEye they support 32 true RMS circuits, I have 3 for my house.